JIANWU 400 Lapų Retro Pradinę Spalvą Serijos Memo Pad Rūgšties Popieriaus pagaminti journal "Pastabą" PASIDARYK pats " Kūrybos Mygtukai Ne Nelankstumą

€3.44 €4.92
  • w72
  • Yra sandėlyje

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  • Stilius: Bloknotai
  • Pritaikyti: Taip
  • Funkcija: Kita
  • Klijais Arba Ne: No
  • Magnetizmas: No

Žymos: leidinys šiukšlių, pastaba pad, Popierius, tuščią dangtelį sąsiuvinis, jianwu pen, notepad, pastaba lipni, emo kolegijos tinklelis popieriaus, sticky notes, scrapbooking popierius, folijos paketai.

Carlosfinol 87
Just as pictured, very nice quality. Delivery was surprisingly quick and only took 2-3 weeks.
Precioso algunas tienen pegamento otras no
They arrived in good condition, they are exactly as the description mentions it. I loved them. The order took 25 days to reach Mexico, for me it was super fast as it arrived sooner than expected. Possibly buy back in other designs or maybe buy back the same design. Also came a small gift detail, they are a kind of adhesive labels to mark pages.
S Dekersauson
Excellent set, but "blogger" recommended this product, said that these are stickers, although written by the Russian language in the title-> ".. creative mat without stickiness." As it is obvious that she is not stickers, but in her Vidos she is a liar. But I took this set because. And "without stickiness" there is where to spend the leaves:> Here in half transparent and opaque. T. K. In a simple package came, then slightly the whole design curved, if you are not lucky, then they can come in mint form at all.

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