40mm Corgeut Vyrai Žiūrėti žuvėdra automatinis mechaninis laikrodis Galios Rezervo dienos, atsparus vandeniui 5bar 316L Nerūdijančio plieno žiūrėti

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Judėjimas: ST1780 žuvėdra Automatinis (savarankiškai likvidavimo) judėjimas

Byla Medžiaga : Kietosios 316L nerūdijančio plieno atveju

Atveju spalva :Sidabrinė

Ciferblatas : baltas

Byla skersmuo : 40mm

Byla storis : 13,5 mm

Atsparumas vandeniui : 5ATM(50m)

Dirželis : juoda

Rankena dydis : 20mm

Stiklas : Safyro stiklas

Užsegimas tipas:Sagtis (kaip paaiškėjo)

  • Juostos Ilgis: 22cm
  • Grupė Medžiagos Tipas: Oda
  • Atsparumas Vandeniui Gylis: 5Bar
  • Elemento Tipas: Mechaniniai Laikrodžiai
  • Užsegimas Tipas: Sagtis
  • Dėžės & Atvejais Medžiaga: Plastikiniai
  • Byloje Formos: ROUND
  • Byla Storis: 13,5 mm
  • Dial Lange Medžiagos Tipas: Hardlex
  • Ciferblato Skersmuo: 40mm
  • Stilius: Mada & Atsitiktinis
  • Juostos Plotis: 20mm
  • Judėjimas: Automatinis Savaiminis Vėjas
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: corgeut
  • Modelio Numeris: 2053/1
  • Funkcija: Atsparus Vandeniui
  • Bylos Medžiaga: Nerūdijančio Plieno

Žymos: automatinis corgeut, zenitar vostok, jūra kirai sidabrinė, oficialus corgeut žiūrėti, vyrai žiūrėti veiksmo, seagul, tianjin žuvėdra chronograph, debert, vyrai žiūrėti, vyrai, parnis.

Genadiu Tumtsiv99
Very beautiful watch, good workmanship, good gear accuracy. Price reasonable. Am satisfied thanks.
watch received was not working and I did not get full refund or replacement watch. Customer service is horrible, no phone number its all artificial intelligence service. They don't care about customer , I have been Ali express customer for so many years, never expected this kind of treatment.
Got, go, beautiful. Now in order. Precision. The program at the full spring factory shows + 10 seconds, in all positions, and this is the first hours of use, as next will be, let's see. The strap, just to sell the watch, change immediately, stink with chemistry, acetone, burns the hand, while I went to work a couple of times I thought to take off the watch In the photo, a watch with a replaced belt, with Ali for 500R. Defects, not without them. One near the name of the company on the waves, the defect of the stamping, the other on the reverse side, on the transparent cover where the inscriptions, the glue was not so painted. The date changes as on the clock "Sunrise," from 8 hours to 12 hours, at 8 o'clock in the evening to put, and to press on the Change button. And so, happy, the arrows are clean, the factory goes, for the amount that I bought this 100% excellent investment of money for a couple of years. No instructions, came in a foam box.

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